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Club Layouts of the South Shore Group

Current Club Exhibition Layouts
Drew IA HO 1950s-1980s Rural Iowa Branchline Rock Island, Santa Fe, Milwaukee Road, etc Club Owned, built by Andrew Dunn and Nick Whitmarsh-Everiss
Broken Creek HO 1960s-1990s Short line grain elevator Various Club Owned
Club Layouts Under Construction
Perfection GA On30 1920s Swampland narrow gauge Freelance Club Built
Goose Island N Present Day Dual track mainline with multiple switching districts Various inc Chicago Terminal, Metra, Amtrak, BNSF, Union Pacific et al Club Owned, rebuilt from Le-Fordham Yard

Members Layouts of the South Shore Group

Club Member's Exhibition Layouts
Western Tidewater HO 1970s - 1980s Western Industrial Scenic Shunting Puzzle Santa Fe Ian Pennicott, originally built by Nick Whitmarsh-Everiss
Othmar Yard HO 1990s-2000s Amtrak Maintenance Depot on the North-East Corridor Amtrak Electric and Diesel, CSX Local Freight Bevis King
Azusa Mills N 1980s A paper mill and warehouses, somewhere in the L.A. basin, Southern California. Santa Fe, Southern Pacific Steve Stripp
Stout Oak, IA On30 1940-1950s Iowa Short Line Freelance Andrew Dunn
Broke Brick Mountain G 1930s Mountain Steam logging and mining layout Freelance Charlie Fox-Wilson
Club Member's Layouts Under Construction
Mulmetiertal TT present day Alpine Village OBB (Austria) with SBB & DBAG Bevis King
Stripp Mining Company On30 1930s Compact Mining Layout Freelance Nick Whitmarsh-Everiss